Children have so many options when it comes to hobbies and activities. Nowadays, it seems that more and more of those options are tied in with some type of technology.

If you’d like your child to develop important life skills and expand their horizons, but you don’t want them sitting around glued to a computer screen, mobile device, or video game console, why not encourage them to start a rock or mineral collection?

At SAFE® Collecting Supplies, we cater to collectors of all ages with our vast selection of rock collection boxes. We could go on and on about the benefits of rock and mineral collecting for young people, but we’ve boiled our list down to four main bullet points. Here are just a few reasons to encourage your child to collect rocks:


Having a rock collection doesn’t just mean picking up shiny-looking objects off the ground and tossing them in a box. It means cleaning the rocks, organizing them, storing them in a safe place, and looking after them when they’re transported from place to place. Putting children in charge of all these duties gives them a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Interactive Skills

The real joy of collecting is sharing your collection with others. Whether it’s explaining the significance of each rock to a family member or taking the entire collection to “show and tell” day at school, collecting offers countless opportunities to be more social.

Intellectual Curiosity

Where do these rocks or minerals come from? What’s their history? Are they or have they ever been used to make interesting things or just everyday items we use in our lives? A rock collection will stimulate a young mind to think about all these questions and seek answers by reading books or online articles.

Physical Activity

You can’t collect rocks without doing a lot of walking around outside looking for them! When a child gets excited about a rock collection, it will stoke a fire inside that makes them want to get out and hike or bike or even camp. They might even forget all about their computer or video games — for a little while.

If you’d like to help your child get started collecting, you’ve come to the right place! Here at SAFE® Collecting Supplies, we offer a wide variety of high-quality rock collection display cases to help little collectors protect, organize, and show off their precious treasures. Browse through our inventory today, and don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions or need advice!