Albums for Stock Certificates

Beautiful Albums, Holders & Supplies for Scripophily – the Collecting of Old Stock and Bond Certificates

You enjoy collecting antique stock certificates and bond certificates but they need to be protected and secured.  A certificate of stock has great history behind it.  Don’t lose a piece of that history by storing your certificates in a box or in sleeves with plasticizers that will damage your old stock certificate.

Scripophily, the collecting of old stocks and bonds, gained recognition as a hobby around 1970. The word “scripophily” was coined by combining words from English and Greek. The word “scrip” represents an ownership right and the word “philos” means to love.

Today, there are thousands of collectors worldwide (Scripophilists) in search of scarce, rare, and popular stocks and bonds. Collectors who come from a variety of businesses enjoy this as a hobby, although there are many who also consider scripophily a good investment.  Many collectors like the historical significance of old certificates. Others prefer the beauty of older stocks and bonds that were printed in various colors with fancy artwork and ornate engraving. In recent times, Dot com companies and scandals have been particularly popular issuances.  Common companies that issue stock certificates include Walt Disney, Harley-Davidson, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Google, Ford Motors, Coca-Cola, and Berkshire Hathaway. Again, framing is a popular option for these shares.


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