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About Us

About Us

Since 1953, SAFE® has been the finest producer of supplies and examining equipment to the philatelic and numismatic collector worldwide.

SAFE History:
SAFE® is a dynamic company with a reputation as the world’s preeminent provider of state-of-the-art philatelic and numismatic supplies, the finest examining equipment, and specialty accessories. Founded in 1953 as Schwabische Albumfabrik (or SAFE) in Germany, SAFE® is represented around the globe and exports over 40% of its products worldwide. SAFE® Publications, Inc., also known as SAFE® Collecting Supplies, is the North American market leader in providing high-quality collecting supplies and accessories since 1973. SAFE® is the exclusive North American representative of Schwabische Albumfabrik of Germany. SAFE® Publications, Inc. is wholly owned and operated by Managing Director, Kurt Braun who has been involved with the collecting supplies industry for over 25 years and offers his expertise to customers at every stage of development.

In recent years, our specialized expertise in designing innovative products, has led to considerable growth within North America. In 2010, we relocated to an expanded facility, twice the size of our previous facility, enabling us to better serve the needs of a growing client base. A high quality ethos runs throughout the business. We insist on the most rigorous of quality and customer care standards at every stage, ensuring that our service to you remains utterly dependable.

SAFE® produces the finest quality and most elegant, collecting albums and cases in the world, that meet and exceed archival preservation requirements. The craftsmanship of our German bookbinders and woodworkers show through in every product and is second to none. While our products are often copied, our quality has never been replicated. All products are scientifically tested to the highest archival standards at our headquarters in Germany. If it doesn’t have a SAFE® logo on it, are you sure that your collection is really safe?

SAFE Products-Archival:
We guarantee that all material that comes in contact with your collection is archival quality, pH-neutral, 100% free of plasticizers (chemical softening agents) and free of stearates. The specially formulated polyester material used is scientifically tested to insure it does not contain any harmful plasticized PVC.

Whatever you may collect, a look through this web site will surely help you find the appropriate solution for housing your collection. For years collectors like you have been searching for the perfect collecting system.

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now you have too! Please feel free to call our specialists toll free at 877-395-SAFE with any questions or concerns you might have; we are here to help you.