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For over 60 years, collectors like you have found that SAFE is the world's leading manufacturer of high quality Collecting Supplies and customer service when it comes to collecting supplies.  We understand you are searching for ways to protect, preserve and organize your Coins, Stamps, Covers, Paper Money, Currency, Rocks & Minerals, Pins, Postcards and more.  You want advice from experts on ways to display your collection and new ideas to help organize your collection. We get it.

SAFE can also help you take your collection to the next level with the latest in technology from its' world renowned Testing Equipment and Accessories, to Eschenbach Magnifiers & Loupes - the best magnifiers in the world today!  Our experts actually use and test all of the items we sell so you can be guaranteed great performance. 

Shopping for your favorite Philatelist or Numismatist today?  We also have some very nice Gifts Ideas for Stamp Collectors and Gift Ideas for Coin Collectors.  Need help? CLICK HERE TO GIVE US A CALL

All material that comes in contact with your collection is guaranteed archival quality, museum grade, pH-neutral, free of plasticizers (chemical softening agents), free of stearates and does not contain plasticized PVC.   You may also want to read our brief article on 3-ring pages vs multi-ring pages.  Or a more technical article on pH-neutral vs acid-free.  Whatever you may collect, we have the appropriate solution for the archival storage of your collection as we are both large enough to serve all your collecting supply needs and yet small enough to give you the level of service you should expect. 

Just browsing today?  Have a look at some of our online catalogs which have a multitude of new ideas for how to preserve and protect your collection.  We do our best to explain things here on the website, but if you have any questions at all, please CALL US or send us an EMAIL.  We really do love to talk to collectors!