Square 2x2 Intercept Coin Holders

Intercept Shield 2×2″ Coin Storage System

NEW Snap Lock Intercept Coin holders combine a 2×2″ coin storage system with patented Intercept Shield technologywhich guards against corrosion.

Just choose the size of your coin below. The effort is intended to offer collectors supply products that provide active protection against tarnishing.

This storage program allows collectors to store coins of varying sizes in a uniform system.

Then choose from our wide variety of 2×2 Coin Cases and Albums designed just for 2×2’s to create the perfect solution!

Intercept Shield is now the gold standard in coin storage, bringing together this market-leading technology and the world’s largest provider of collecting supplies. Intercept Shield combats corrosion caused by substances in air that can react with the metal of coins. Possible threats includes nitrous gases, ozone and corrosive gases such as hydrogen sulphides, ammonia, carbonyl sulphide and chlorine compounds. A foam insert inside the Quadrum Intercept products neutralizes “harmful atmospheric substances inside the capsule, so that the coin is stored in a non-corrosive micro-climate. The corrosive gases form a bond with highly porous copper particles embedded in the plastic before bonding with the coin.


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