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Telephone Card - Coca ColaObviously, people collect phone cards for a variety of reasons, but the images pictured on the phonecards are of the most interest. Disney is the #1 collectible in the world by a wide margin. Coca-Cola (Coke) is second and McDonald’s is third. There are animals and artwork, birds and flowers and ships and cars and space and sports players and movie stars and comic images, and just about everything else. Phone cards are often collected by topic or theme, but they are usually collected because of their pictures.

Also of interest are Corporate names and promotions. Many workers from IBM might Love to own an IBM card. Many AT&T workers may want to own AT&T cards, or were given some at a special event and those cards may now be worth a Bunch of money if they kept them in good condition. So the second most popular form of collecting would be by Company. And AT&T, the Regional Bell Operating Companies, along with the large corporations are far in the lead in this area.

Another interest is for the purpose of “investment”. Cards can go up in value (The 1st AT&T card issued in 1992 now sells for over $1000., but cards can also decrease in value (The NYNEX $1. Democratic Convention complimentary card at one time reached $1700.00 but now sells for under $500.00 The Sprint Coca-Cola Monsters of the Gridiron card was once worth $45. and now sells for less than $5.00). But the most important reason always been to collect for enjoyment.


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