Are you a devoted collector with a passion for trading Disney® pins? Can you spot a “scrapper” pin from a mile away? To show people you mean business when it comes to Disney® pin trading, transform your pin collection into a stunning display! With the right display setup, your Disney® obsession will start to look more like a sophisticated hobby. A shiny, colorful case of rare Disney® pins is also an excellent conversation piece!

Best Ways to Display Your Disney® Pins

Pin trading book – For the active pin trader, a pin trading book is ideal for storing your trade bait pins. Additionally, this is the place to put your newly-acquired pins before moving them to a more sophisticated display.

Pin collection display case – A more sophisticated display. A glass top display case is perfect for showcasing those rare, prized Disney® pins that you spent hours negotiating for. This is perfect for seasoned collectors who have extensive pin collections.

Pin albums – A pin album is ideal for the trader who has run out of room in their display case. Additionally, you may want an album for those “limbo” pins that aren’t nice enough for the main display, but still too nice to trade away.

Stackable drawers & chests – Do you like to remove your pins from the display case occasionally so you can fiddle around with them? Maybe you update your pin arrangements frequently, and you want easy access. Stackable drawers and chests offer easy access.

Shadowbox – A shadowbox is for traders who have reached the culmination of years of pin swapping. Keep limited-edition releases, sentimental hand-me-down pins, and other priceless Disney® pins in a shadowbox. A perfect addition to any bedroom, office, or rec room.

Simply owning a bunch of metal pins doesn’t make you a seasoned collector — you’ll need a professional display setup to earn the respect of pro pin collectors. Otherwise, you’re just a trader. There’s nothing wrong with that, but isn’t the whole point of this hobby to build a collection worth bragging about? Do you want a humble collection or a conversation piece?

Don’t know how to start a display?
Don’t worry! SAFE Collecting Supplies can help you get started. Check out our extensive collection of collectors’ display cases here on our website, and if you have questions about how to display your Disney® pins, call us toll-free to consult with one of our specialists!