Maxi XL Albums & Pages

The Maxi is a large (16 x 15″) and highly versatile album with outstanding performance, holding up to 40 double sided pages in one album.  That means you can put up to 480 postcards or 80 full size sheets in one album.  For new and vintage postcards.  This is the best postcard album and the biggest postcard album you will find.  Only the Maxi Album can hold a lot of postcards of a large postcard collection.

Too big for your bookshelf? Take a look at the complete line of postcard albums in more compact sizes available

Simply choose an album below.  Perhaps add a matching, handmade slipcase.  Then select your pages to perfectly customize your album!  You can choose between fully transparent to see both sides of the item, or either tan, black or white, double-sided pages to maximize your usage.

PLEASE NOTE:  The 6000 Series pages are slightly smaller than the 1000 Series pages.  Therefore, while the 6000 series pages fit into both the 6000 and the 1000 series albums.  The 1000 series pages do NOT fit into the 6000 series albums comfortably.


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