Steel Coin Safes

Protect your collections and valuable items from unauthorized access and theft with our new safes. The safes are available in 3 sizes and are made of solid steel.

The walls are 2 mm thick, the door is made of 4 mm thick steel. 2 solid steel bolts close the doors. The door is secured with an electronic lock.

3 to 8 combination combinations can be set. LEDs indicate the state of the safe (open, closed), the battery state, etc. If the wrong code is entered 3 times, the safe is automatically closed. 2 “Master keys” are included for the manual opening of the safe, as well as 4 AA batteries for the number lock.

The safes are provided with two pre-drilled holes on the rear wall for easy mounting. on a wall or in a closet.

The corresponding screws and dowels are also supplied. The safes are painted in a discreet light gray color.

This series is also available with an innovative fingerprint opening system. Up to 99 fingerprints can be stored and stored. To open the vault, simply place the finger on a small scan area. This fingerprint is compared with the stored imprints and the vault opens when a match occurs. Thanks to the latest technology, the finger can also be positioned at an angle. If the system interprets 3 incorrect fingerprint entries the safe automatically locks. The remaining equipment of the Fingerprint safes corresponds otherwise to the safes with the combination lock.


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