Square 2x2 Snap Lock Holders

The “Square” coin capsules in a square version from SAFE are available for different coin diameters from 17 to 41 mm.

The practical coin capsules have the external dimensions 50 x 50 x 6.5 mm.

The solid transparent inner rings position the coins in the center of the capsule so that the coins have a firm hold within the capsule.

The square capsules consist of only 2 parts and are made of food-safe PS polystyrene plastic without the use of other materials, such as Foams made.

They are therefore perfect for protecting coins.

The coin can be viewed perfectly from all sides, even from the edge.

It is possible to label and label the scratch-resistant square coin capsules without having to remove the coin boxes from the boxes etc. each time.

The square capsules are very easy to open and close.


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