Fountain Pen Display Case

Display Cases for Antique Pens, Writing Instruments & Fountain Pens

Fountain PensAfter centuries of writing with quills dipped in ink, people in the 1800s began embracing fountain pens with internal ink reservoirs that were filled with eyedroppers. Almost until the end of the century, fountain pens were notoriously fickle devices. They routinely leaked and the flow of ink onto the writing surface was uneven.

An insurance salesman named Lewis Waterman solved the problem of leaks and poor ink distribution in 1884 when he patented a nib (the pen’s metal tip) with hair-thin grooves that allowed air to circulate to the ink reservoir, thus ensuring a smooth and steady flow.  In 1905, the company became the first pen manufacturer to rivet a clip onto its pen caps so that it could be easily carried right side up in a pocket.

There are so many fountain pens to choose from, and now you can display them all proudly in our Fountain Pen Display Cases.


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