Coin Holders 2x2's Self Sealing

2x2" Cardboard FlipSAFE is the world’s numismatic leader in Self Sealing Archival Coin Flips 2″ x 2″ – (The adhesive used is archival as well)

No More Staples! – You don’t have to worry about the non-archival metal of the staple leaching out to the coin

  • Air tight seal to protect your coins with convenient tab for easy handling
  • Constructed of pH-neutral cardboard and archival polyester for long term storage
  • Fits in standard 2 x 2 pocket pages and cases
  • Flexible film accommodates even thicker medals and ancients
  • 100% free of chemical softeners and plasticized PVC.

Also take a look at our wide variety of coin cases and albums specifically made for 2″x2″ Flips


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