Matchbooks & Matchcover Collecting

Matchbook collecting is a fun and easy way to create a visual record of your favorite local excursions and broader travels. Hold onto matchbooks from your favorite restaurants, hotels, and even the weddings that you attend. The hobby of collecting matchboxes is called phillumeny.

The value of your matchbook collection is measured by the memories you have when you collected them. While many matchbooks have interesting and unique designs, the true beauty lies in the fun experiences behind the matchbook stories. Matchbook collecting is easy to do and always provides a great conversation piece when entertaining.

Display your vintage matchboxes matchcovers and matchbooks collection proudly in our Matchbook Albums and Matchcover Albums.

Did you know?

* In Japan, Teiichi Yoshizawa was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s top phillumenist. In Portugal, Jose Manuel Pereira published a series of albums to catalogue and display matchbox collections called ‘Phillalbum’.

* The first matches were made of white phosphorus and were so highly inflammable that they were kept in steel boxes (also called match holders). After the invention of red phosphorus, matches became safer and the prefix ‘safety’ was added to the boxes.

* Collectors discard the matches when they find boxes they like and need. The matchbox covers are dipped in hot water so the glue comes off, and then flattened and stored.


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