Deciding to start a rock or mineral collection means embarking on an exciting new adventure. Are you prepared for the ride?

Here at SAFE Collecting Supplies, we’ve spent more than half a century as a leading advocate of collectors all over the globe, and we share their passion for beautiful items and rare artifacts. Rocks and minerals are some of the most beautiful and rare collectibles in existence; in fact, each and every one is the only one of its kind!

If you think you’d like to start collecting nature’s unique gems, here are six key parts of the process.

  • Research — There are so many different types of rocks and minerals, and some carry more collectible value than others. Learn as much as you can about the types of rocks or minerals you want to collect. If you’re not sure, reading magazines or books or performing a simple internet search can provide inspiration.
  • Priorities — Once you’ve done your preliminary research, develop a vision for what you want your collection to be. Will you focus on finding the most valuable minerals, or will you collect simply for the love of collecting? Either way you go is great, but developing a clear set of priorities will help guide you through the process of building a collection.
  • Budget — How much are you able or willing to spend on building your collection, whether it’s shopping for rare minerals at shows or investing in rock collection display cases and other collecting accessories?
  • Community — Collecting shouldn’t be a lonely pursuit, and it certainly doesn’t have to be. Find a local rock or mineral collecting club where you can meet and interact with like-minded individuals. Seek out a mentor among the more experienced collectors, who have invaluable knowledge and guidance to share.
  • Organization — We can’t overstate the importance of keeping your collection organized. Like any other precious valuables, you don’t want any of your rare rocks or minerals to get damaged or lost. Keep a detailed inventory of every item you own. File away the official identification labels that accompany minerals you purchase from dealers or at shows. Finally, store, protect, and display your collection in high-quality rock collection boxes from SAFE Collecting Supplies.

As the go-to online destination for collectors seeking the best storage and display cases for their rocks, minerals, stamps, coins, pins, and much more, we wish you many years of successful, enjoyable collecting. Browse our website to view our vast selection, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about starting a rock or mineral collection.