Aluminum Coin Cases

Protect your collection and add elegance to your coin collection with customizable finishes that appeal to your interests. We have a wide selection of the finest aluminum cases and velvet covered inserts that meet your price range. We understand that cases play a critical role in displaying your collection, and our selection incorporates designs for every variety of coin, regardless of size.

BONUS LIMITED TIME OFFER – When you purchase a SAFE Coin Case* – you will receive FREE a pack of 3 strips of Intercept Technology providing advanced tarnish protection for your coins.  Read more about Intercept Technology here.

Numismatics, or the art of collecting coins and currency, has become so popular in recent years. Coin display boxes, coin cases, and coin displays are essential to protect the investment made in those collector pieces. Protect your valuables from any potential contaminants and elements that could cause damage to the piece itself and the value of your collection.

For more coin displays designed for medals and military challenge coins, check out our selection of special Coin Cases for Coins in 2×2’s or Certified Coins in Slabs. Make your collection more enjoyable and be proud of the coins you have amassed with an excellent, handmade display case from SAFE Collecting Supplies.

SAFE is a proud manufacturer of the world’s finest coin display cases.  We have them in wood and aluminum varieties.  As well as some less expensive acrylic models as well.

If you have any questions on how to get your case designed to fit your collection, please do not hesitate to call us at 877-395-7233 for personal assistance. We’re able to provide solutions that meet your demands. 


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