Mini Cover Albums

Perfect for the FDC Collector.

These FDC Mini Cover Albums are compact and great for storing or travel.  It has a large ring mechanism with a 3″ spine to hold a big collection of covers and can hold up to 80 covers.

We have a number of convenient small albums for you to choose from. The Mini Cover Album is an excellent choice for covers, postcards, and currency and is a compact album with large capacity. Rich looking, smooth, well-padded 2-ring albums are available in both Wine Red or Brown. The matching slipcases are offered as an upgrade to our albums and are fully handmade from the same fabric for a perfect match. Size of pockets in pages are 7-3/4″ x5″H.

Size of the albums: 9″ x 5-3/4″H with a 3″ spine. Distance between rings for 2-ring binders: 80mm (3-5/32″)


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