If you are a collector of rocks and minerals, you should know that SAFE Collecting Supplies is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality collecting supplies. We have been in business for well over 60 years, which means we know what it takes to produce quality and durable products needed to protect, preserve, and organize your most valuable collections.

For decades, customers all over the globe have turned to us for products that help them organize their stamp, coin, postcard, or pin collections. In this post, we want to take some time to shed a little light on the main types of products we have available for rock and mineral collectors. In fact, learn more about a few of our main products and how they can help you and your rock or mineral collection below!

Mineral Display Stands & Easels

Here at SAFE Collecting Supplies, our new mineral display stands, easels, and risers create the perfect display for your collection of minerals, rocks, spheres, or other materials. Our stands come in both acrylic and wood and can genuinely help bring your mineral specimens to life. With many different options for you to display your minerals or fossil specimens, our stands and easels will no doubt put them in the best light!

Rock Collection Display Cases

No matter the type of rocks you own—regardless of how large or small your collection may be—we have the rock collection display case that best suits you. We offer customers collection box options that range from wood to aluminum and plastic. Each of the different types of displays can serve a multitude of different implementations, and our friendly staff is more than happy to assist collectors in finding the right one for them. Plus, we also have rock collection storage options.

Rock Collecting Tools

Any rock and mineral enthusiast knows that novelty collecting tools will not suffice out in the field. That’s why our tools and accessories are built to last and highly dependable. Whether you are looking for efficient UV lamps, magnifiers, scales, or any other product, you can find them throughout our online shop.

Whether you need a rock display case , display stands or other rockhound accessories for your rock collection, always know that SAFE Collecting Supplies is your one-stop-shop for all your collecting supplies. Be sure to check out our items today!