Watermark Detectors

You don’t need to have any special skills or training to see the watermarks with the Signoscope.  See watermarks without harsh chemicals or odors.  Take your time peering through the viewfinder and even take photos … the watermark is visible for as long as you like. Images from the Signoscope Pro

Signoscope, The Original Optic-Electric Watermark Detectors –   a real success story and a great gift idea! Make your dreams come true!

For a long time now you have been dreaming of being able to check all of your stamps for watermarks in a simple way, quickly, precisely, and without endangering your stamps. This is no longer a dream. The SAFE-Signoscope is reality! The units are worth far more than what they cost. One single newly discovered watermark or a newly identified watermark variation can make up, several times over, for the money spent to buy a SAFE Signoscope. Watermark or no watermark, falling or rising. Well, let’s get out the watermark fluid… No, not anymore! The “steamboat age” is past. From now on you will check for watermarks simply and precisely and without taking any chances of damaging your expensive stamps.

For those collectors of German stamps – we also have some nice images of German Watermarks from 1849-1951 you may enjoy.


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