Ultraviolet UV Lamps

We have a wide selection of ultraviolet lamps in both longwave and shortwave depending upon your usage.

Many of these are used as stamp and currency counterfeit detectors.  Please review the specifications of each of our lamps below and feel free to call our specialists with any questions you may have.

Many rocks and minerals have special characteristics that allow them to glow fluorescent under UV light. Some minerals glow only under longwave UV light and others glow under shortwave UV light.  Even though a rock is known to fluoresce, that does not mean every specimen will glow when exposed to UV light. The ability to glow depends on the presence or certain organic minerals from the earth that make up the rock.

UV light can be harmful, it is suggested that covering your hands, and not looking directly into the light is done to avoid exposure to UV rays. Always wear eye protection when dealing with UV light and radiation, do not look directly into the UV lights. Do not point the lamp directly to any other persons face or your own. Read more…


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