Stamp Drying Tools

Stamp Drying Tools

One of the most relaxing things in the stamp hobby can be washing and removing stamps from older envelopes.  As you can see below we have a wonderful supply of items that can help you to that end.  But the one area that baffles some until they do it for the first time, are the 21st century self adhesive stamps issued by many post offices all over the world. 

The video at right was prepared by a gentlemen unrelated to SAFE, so we can not be responsible for its results, but it was interesting process we wanted to share with you because we get these questions from time to time.  Another option we have heard that people have used successfully is the utilization of WD-40 lubricant as well.  We haven’t found a video on it yet, but if we do we will be happy to share it here as well in the future.


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