Stand Magnifiers-Illuminated

For over 100 years, Eschenbach has been known for its German innovation of award-winning Eschenbach magnifiers With SAFE’s long history of technical innovation, SAFE partnered with Eschenbach over 30 years ago to distribute and recommend Eschenbach magnifiers in the United States.

During that time, SAFE & Eschenbach have continued to provide you the finest quality, most technologically advanced Precision illuminated Hands-Free Magnifiers from 4x to 12.5x for inspecting and analysis.  We have a wide selection of magnifiers that can be placed on your desk or table. Hands free!

Most importantly, selecting a magnifier is a very personal experience. Please feel free to give us a call at 877-395-7233 so we can discuss your application and guide you to some possible solutions.

From 3x to 12.5x, these distortion-free magnifiers are available with standard incandescent lighting or LED illumination. (LED= bright light, unlimited bulb life, batteries last much longer – up to 50- hours)  LED lamps are especially recommended for persons with low vision or macular degeneration, etc.  LED, the brightest light source available for illuminated stand magnifers. Enhances contrast and reduces required magnification.


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