Collecto Stamp Albums and Pages

Collecto Albums – designed for high-capacity storage

These albums are so sturdy that you can fill them up to full capacity and the album will hold steady.  You will be on your way to getting all your special items organized.  Our Collecto system with 4 ring mechanism, allows you the greatest flexibility when your collection has a little of everything.  You can put stamps, coins, pins, beer coasters, wine labels, matchbooks ALL IN ONE ALBUM.  But also very large capacity for stamps and booklets with our heavy duty, black double-sided stock pages shown below.  They are 11 x 12-1/2″x with a 3″ spine) and have a heavy duty 4 ring mechanism.

A great combination of price and efficiency with a wide selection of pages for all types of collections. Specifications, capacities and sizes are listed at the bottom of the page.  Unless otherwise noted, our Collecto pages are made of high quality, crystal clear, archival polyester.


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