Disney Pin Cases

Pin collecting trading is the practice of buying, selling, and exchanging collectible pins – most often lapel pins associated with a particular common theme like Disney, as well as related items to store and display the pins

Collectible pins used in pin trading are often found in amusement parks and resorts; the Disneyworld and Disneyland resorts, for example, are venues where Disney pin trading has become a popular activity, and similar pin trading activities are popular at comparable venues such as SeaWorld, the Universal Resorts, and at Six Flags theme parks. They are also found at events that are recurring and/or share a common theme, such as the Olympic Games and other sporting events. The pins collected and traded are often of a limited edition and thus more highly valued in pin trading, and are sometimes marked or distributed by various companies such as The Coca-Cola Company who sponsor the events and venues associated with the traded pins. Pin trading at particular venues and events is often governed by rules of etiquette particular to the venue or occasion.


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