Floating Frames 3D

Flexible frame for all collectibles with 3D effect!

With the floating SAFE PREMIUM Magic Frame series, we offer you a completely new way to put your collection objects in scene. Through the 3D effect, your Coin almost floats in air as if by MAGIC freely in the frame! The special feature of this framework are the two transparent, flexible silicone membranes that enclose your exhibits gently and make it appear as if they would float freely within the frame. At the same time you get a full view on the front and back of your favorite pieces. Your imagination in relation to the exhibited collection objects has no limits, because the flexible material that adapts to the respective surface, and so keeps the objects in place. Many sizes now available.

(Please note, that the coin should be in a capsule when placing inside the frame to give the coin some girth in order for the silicone to “wrap around” it.)


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