Stackable Drawers - NOVA

Nova Stackable Acrylic DrawersNova Stackable Acrylic Drawers – A Great Value at $19.95!

BONUS LIMITED TIME OFFER – When you purchase a SAFE Coin Case* – you will receive FREE a pack of 3 strips of Intercept Technology providing advanced tarnish protection for your coins.  Read more about Intercept Technology here.

The first stackable and interlocking acrylic drawers (interlocking together to prevent sliding when stacked) made of hard, transparent acrylic offer more in every aspect.  Each drawer comes complete with acrylic drawer (which pulls out to look at the coin), crystal clear, surrounding stackable base (which drawer slides out Nova Exquisite Wood Stackableof), and a blue velvet insert according to your specification (which is where the coins are stored).

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And if you need more storage, have a look at our Larger Stackable Drawers which are twice as big! Large Stackable Drawers


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