Ever since 2000, when Disney® first made collectible pins for collecting and trading, Disney® pins have become more than a hot commodity. From old and new characters and Disney® parks to movies and special occasions and holidays, there are thousands of Disney® collectible pins circling the globe and attracting the notice of amateur and seasoned pin collectors. With the new Star Wars-themed world, Galaxy’s Edge, at both American Disney® theme park locations, Disney® has outdone itself on the pin collecting front, producing limited production, limited edition, exciting Star Wars pins only available in the parks themselves!

We at SAFE® Collecting Supplies, the online leader in pin trading books, have put together a short list of some of the best Galaxy’s Edge pins, which deserve the finest pin displays on the market.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Collectible Pins

The Galaxy’s Edge themed-area at Disneyland® opened on May 31, 2019, and the Disney World® park is set to open in late-August 2019. These openings have created a pin trading frenzy with new Star Wars pins getting released before Disneyland’s® area grand opening and in the interim before the Disney World® Galaxy’s Edge area opens. Read on to find some of the spectacular pins and pin sets available.

Countdown & Grand Opening Teaser Pins

There are many pins featuring new and old Star Wars characters, spaceships, and planet locations with the tags “Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge,” “Landing 2019 ” or “Cleared for Landing 2019,” announcing the year of the Galaxy’s Edge grand opening for both parks. These pins are already precious and are only available in the Disney® parks (or online for extreme mark-ups and heated bidding wars).

One of our favorites is Disneyland’s® Grand Opening jumbo pin featuring the Millenium Falcon in profile with “5.31.2019” stamped in small numerals and a silhouetted Tatooine skyline in the background. The pin is limited edition for 1,000 at $64.99 in-park.

Limited Release Mystery Sets

Mystery Pin Sets are always a fun way to score a few nice pins featuring your favorite Disney® movies, series, or characters. But the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge mystery sets are not only good for getting a variety of Star Wars pins; they are limited edition pins that are hard to find and have fun designs and themes that will trick-out any Disney® pin collection!

At SAFE® Collecting Supplies, our favorite Galaxy’s Edge pin set is the colorful Silhouette Mystery Pin Set (six pins), featuring an assortment of silhouetted characters, droids, and spacecraft with bannered name tags. This is a limited release set currently going for $19.99 in the park.

Disney® pin collectors are flocking to the Galaxy’s Edge themed area in Disneyland® and are eagerly awaiting the late-August opening of the area in Disney World®. The limited edition pins and sets are creating quite a buzz in the collector communities around the world. So, if you get your hands on some of these valuable items, you need to make sure they are protected and easily-displayed. At SAFE® Collecting Supplies, we have a wide range of pin collection displays that will ensure your Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge collectible pins are undamaged and elegantly exhibited. Check out our impressive inventory of collecting books and displays today!