Stamp Mounts

Protect & Display Your Stamps with SAFE Split Back Mounts

Available in both transparent and black backgrounds.  Both made of virgin polystyrene – proven to be safe for long term storage of your stamps:

  • Gently surround and protect your stamps from fingerprints, dust, creases and tears while keeping your stamp gum intact.
  • Easy to use – simply lift one flap on the back and gently slide stamp in face-down.  Then lift the other flap and lay the stamp inside.  Once both flaps are closed, lightly moisten the adhesive on the top half of the back and press onto your pH-neutral cardboard album page.
  • To determine the mount size, simply measure the stamp’s width and height with a millimeter ruler.  Add 5mm to each measurement and you have your mount size. Mounts come in strips so that you can cut them to the exact size with a mount cutter.


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