Doylestown, PA — 9/10/2019 —

Children can learn a lot by maintaining a collection, including important organizational and social skills. SAFE® Collecting Supplies, a leading source for high-quality rock collection display cases, encourages parents to recognize the many benefits of rock and mineral collecting as a hobby for young people.

Rock and mineral collecting is intuitive for children, who learn to experience the world around them by picking things up in their hands and studying them. They can begin collecting at an early age, finding any number of beautiful rocks on trips to the beach and nature preserves near home, or on vacation to other states or countries — anywhere on Earth.

Rock collecting can stimulate a child’s curiosity, leading him or her to read more about the origins of the rocks or minerals they find. Collecting can also give children a desire to get outside and walk, hike, bike, or boat in order to find rocks, and increased activity will benefit their health.

Over time, collecting rocks and minerals can help teach children responsibility. They’re the ones in charge of keeping track of and caring for their collection, making sure everything is stored in the right place, and nothing gets lost. When it’s “show and tell” day at school, children can improve their interactive skills by displaying and explaining their rock collection to classmates.

Additionally, collecting rocks and minerals is a fun activity that children and parents can partake in together.

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