Here at SAFE® Collecting Supplies, we love collecting everything from stamps and coins to pins and postcards, but there is another type of collection that we love: rocks! Rocks and minerals are fascinating and beautiful, and the collectors, known as rockhounds, are some of the most passionate hobbyists in the world.

While, to some, rocks are just – well – rocks, we think otherwise. If you are considering rock collecting and are looking for an excellent reason to take the plunge, we have collected a few below for your benefit!

Rocks Are Everywhere

From the shore to the mountains and everywhere in between, you can find rocks. In fact, our planet is one gigantic rock with another big rock orbiting it. With the ubiquity of rocks and minerals in mind, it is easy to accept that, for many collectors, their hobby is free!

Rocks Are Part of Our History

Our planet is approximately 4.54 billion years old, which means that every granite countertop, grain of sand, and piece of gravel is at least that old. All rocks and minerals have unique compositions, from the soft and chalky talc to hard and shining diamonds; they have been used to develop tools, build shelter, and make jewelry; and they are even used in certain religious sects.

Rocks Are Unique and Beautiful

To some people, a slab of slate is drab and unassuming, but to rockhounds, the foliation, or layering, of the rock is fascinating and beautiful. Crystals, gems, precious stones, quartz, and innumerable other rocks and minerals are all visually-appealing and have their own interesting histories, colors, compositions as well.

Rock Collecting is Steeped in Exploration

Where is the best place to find rocks? Outside! Just take a walk, and we guarantee you will find rocks you’ll like. And, if you are serious about rock collecting, visit different states and countries, read up on the science, and find your own rare rocks to add to your growing collection!

We at SAFE® Collecting Supplies hope you find your passion in rockhounding! As a leading online retailer of rock collecting boxes and rock collecting displays, we have excellent products to keep your rocks and minerals safe, secure, and ready to be shared. For more information on our rockhounding supplies and equipment, peruse our rock collecting inventory or give us a call today!