SAFE® Collecting Supplies has just announced its plans to makes available coin storage and coin collecting supplies to ease the coin shortage that currently pervades the United States. This is coming on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic that is ravaging the world and making coins scarce. It is an open secret that the circulation of coinage has dramatically been affected by the current economic downturn that recently characterized supplies of coinage in the US. This is connected to reduced economic activity and the related decline in the minting of new coins.

To address this coin storage contraction, SAFE® is introducing new coin collecting accessories. The brand is doing this to ensure that every user of its coin is able to bounce back from the economic woes that recently befell the world.  Furthermore, since SAFE® Collecting Supplies is currently the world’s premier manufacturer of coin cases, collectors and individuals who are looking for coin storage and coin collecting supplies can rest assured they will get sufficient quantities from SAFE® Collecting Supplies.

Furthermore, SAFE® can boast of 1000’s of coin storage options from coin albums, coin holders and the world’s best coin cases.  In addition, SAFE® allows everyone who is interested in coin storage, can easily select specific trays to fit any coin for their coin cases. Additionally, when a collector purchases a coin storage case from SAFE®, they also receive a free pack of 3 strips of Intercept Technology. This will give them advanced tarnish protection for each of the coins stored. This offer only lasts for a limited time.

Due to the recent economic shutdown that happened in every part of the United States there has been a reduction of coins in circulation. This shutdown and shortage of coin had greatly affected businesses, such as entertainment sectors, hotels, bars, casinos, and restaurants where patrons may use or receive coins in change,”said Kurt Braun. “The shutdown that happened as a result of COVID-19 has significantly reduced cash transactions. To ensure the long term storage of coins, SAFE® Collecting Supplies is now introducing even more coin collecting supplies,” he concluded.

With SAFE®’s coin storage, coin collectors can create customized solutions to fit their coin collection. To access coin storage and coin collecting supplies serves by SAFE®, the company enjoins users to check out its array of coin collecting supplies at