One of the big stories in coin collecting at the start of 2019 centered on a rare – actually, “unique” is a better word – copper penny from 1943 that recently went up for auction.

The coin is unique because since pennies in 1943 were supposed to be forged out of steel and covered in zinc in order to aid with World War II conservation efforts, nobody had ever found a copper penny from that year before and put it up for auction.

At last glance, the coin was expected to fetch six figures.

Imagine if the Massachusetts man who initially found the penny had not stowed it in a safe and protected it. A collectible that small could easily get lost and literally “fall through the cracks.”

We here at SAFE Collecting Supplies never want to see something like that happen. We, like dedicated collectors all over the world, treasure even the tiniest, seemingly insignificant heirlooms, and we know how important it is to keep them safe and secure.

We also like to show off a good collection, so our wide selection of coin collecting supplies offers the best in coin cases for collectors, including wood coin cases, to put those amazing old coins on display.

Some highlights from our line of coin cases:

  • In the case of a single, valuable – “crown jewel,” if you will – coin like the one we just mentioned, a nice 3D Floating Frame is a nice option. We also offer frames for multiple coins.
  • The owner of the 1943 copper penny stored his coin in a safe. If you really want to get fancy with your collection, while also taking the proper precautions, a Coin Slab Box is a sophisticated choice for housing your priceless coins – and you can lock it.
  • For security and portability, the “Executive” Burlwood Carrying Case is sleek, gorgeous, and durable while still allowing you the freedom to transport your collection to a friend or family member’s home, a collectors convention – or an auction.

These are only some of the many cases we offer at SAFE Collecting Supplies, and we encourage you to check out our entire collection because if you don’t protect what you collect, you’re doing your collection a disservice.

To learn more about how SAFE Collecting Supplies can help you keep your collection, contact us today at 1-877-395-7233 or send us an email.