Summer is nearly here, and the mass exodus to Orlando’s Walt Disney World Resort is almost upon us once again. Rides and attractions with line waiting times over two hours, restaurants with character-themed brunches, and crowds of tourists so large that you wonder how all cities of the world are not vacant – it can all be so overwhelming, and we may forget to fully take in this fantastic world of Disney’s creation and enjoy the little pleasures it offers. 

For many of the resort guests, one of those little pleasures has turned into a phenomenon: Collectible Pin Trading.  

Ever since the Disney World Millenium Celebration (1999-2000), collectible pins that celebrate classic and new Disney characters, resort locations, special celebrations and holidays, and much more have been available for collecting and trading. Pin trading has become a family-friendly way to interact with Disney World cast members and guests and engage in the wholesome fun of Disney culture. After all, it is the “happiest place on Earth” for a reason, right?

Whether you’re a burgeoning collector, a parent learning about the pin trading mania before bringing your children into the mix, or just someone interested in accumulating small metal objects, we at SAFE Collecting Supplies have amassed a few tips and tricks for trading collectible pins in the Magical Kingdom this year. 

You Already Bought the Tickets – Don’t Spend Another Fortune

Disney Tickets, resort lodging, and three-square meals a day meals will take a few Mufasa-sized bites out of your vacation budget. But, at prices that start from $8.99 and then keep climbing, another small fortune may be necessary to afford retail-priced Disney collectible pins for your family. If you and your family are prepared to get in the pin trading game, we wholeheartedly recommend you start early and purchase pins online via Amazon or eBay where experienced pin traders are willing to part with their vast stores of Disney pins for outrageously inexpensive prices (usually under $1.00 per pin). For 20 pins, you could spend upwards of $180 at the resort or well under $20 before you pack your bags. Just make sure they are selling official Disney pins, not cheap knockoffs.

Disney World Cast Members Have Awesome Pins They Want to Trade

Okay, so you took our advice, and now you have your beginner collection of unbelievably inexpensive official Disney pins. Now it’s time to trade! With new pins coming out every year and two decades worth of pins circulating worldwide, the options are virtually endless. If you want to get some great pins, though, you have to be willing to part with the ones you have! Most Disney World cast members have their own collections of pins on their person, usually displayed on lanyards, vests, and belts, and they are happy to trade with you and your children. 

FYI, if a cast member is wearing a green (or teal in Disneyland) lanyard, they will only trade with kids – but, with a limited pool of traders, these cast members frequently have the best pins!

Invest in Ways to Safely Store and Display Your Growing Collection

Now you’re well in the trading game, and your family’s collection has grown. You may have purchased lanyards for you and little Jimmy and an Animal Kingdom safari hat for great-aunt Ida, and you are wearing your collectible pins proudly; unfortunately, you all may be so heavily-laden with pins that you might be crawling to the Splash Mountain! To avoid that situation, we recommend investing in ways to unburden your lanyards for another day of trading. Pin trading books, albums, display cases, and pin boards are all great options.

We at SAFE Collecting Supplies offer an abundant supply of high-quality Disney pin trading book and pin collection display options so that you can show off your collections and safely store your favorite pins in style. Check out our selection of products on our website or call 877-395-7233 for more information.

Have fun, and happy trading!