More than 100 million people flock to Disney® amusement parks every year, and if you plan to be a face in that crowd this summer, we want to help you have an experience that you and your family will never forget!

Here are a few tips and tricks we learned to elevate your next Disney® trip beyond the ordinary:

Don’t Wait to Buy Tickets

If there’s one thing all Disney® vacations have in common it’s this: They can be eye-poppingly expensive. Seize any and all opportunities to save money!

There’s no reason to wait to buy your park tickets until you’re standing at the ticket booth when you can purchase multi-day tickets ahead of time at a lower price. If you’re interested in staying at one of the resorts on the property – which we also recommend! – Disney® offers value packages that include both hotel and park admission and save you money and time on transportation.

Pack Snacks

Did you know that you CAN bring food into Disney® parks? It’s true! Visitors heading in for a long day of enjoyment can avoid long food lines, save a lot of money – and keep those young tummies from rumbling, possibly dragging down the mood – by planning ahead and packing snacks or even bag lunches. As long as you don’t need to heat up the food, you’re good to go.

Budget Your Time, Not Just Your Money

Saving money when possible is important, but above all else, you’re there to have fun. You want to make the most of every moment and create memories that will last a lifetime. Disney® parks offer so many opportunities for adventure. If you’re traveling with a group, you most likely all want to hit different attractions. It’s important to lay out a plan of attack for each day you’ll be spending there, and while you’ll have to roll with the punches, staying on schedule will make sure you don’t miss out on anything.  Consider getting a Fast Pass from Disney® – they are well worth the investment so that you gain more time for your family vacation.  They are often included when you stay at one of the Disney® properties – another great value!

Keep Your Souvenir Pins SAFE!

No one comes home from a Disney® vacation without souvenir pins.  While stuffed Mickey and Elsa dolls are meant to be hugged and loved, Disney® pins need more secure storage.

Collectible pins are all the rage at Disney® parks these days, and while traveling through the parks, you can find pins to memorialize all your favorite characters, attractions, and much more!  Do a little internet research on the “hidden mickeys” throughout the park and you will see what I mean!  Tourists enjoy the opportunity to make new friends and interact with characters throughout the parks by trading collectible pins, but what do you do with those pins when you get home?

SAFE Collecting Supplies has the answer. We offer a great selection of pin trading books and pin collection displays to keep your precious souvenir pins from getting lost or tarnished.

Browse through our website to check out all the options, and feel free to contact us with any questions. To all the travelers out there, SAFE Collecting Supplies wishes you a very magical vacation season!