Are you thinking that stamp collecting is just for hobbyists? Think again. Stamp collecting is a lucrative investment as mint condition specimens have appreciated by nearly 45.5 percent over the past ten years according to a recent analysis. Surprisingly, collecting these rare stamps have easily beat the usual returns on real estate, fine wine, gold, and the broad stock market.

Talk about a worthwhile past time! Here are five of the most valuable stamps in the world.

  • The British Guiana 1856 1¢ Magenta. Worth a whopping $9.5 million, this is the most valuable stamp in existence across the globe. There is only one, and it was sold in 2014 to world-renowned shoe designer Stuart Weitzman.
  • China 1897 Small One Dollar Red Revenues. Coming in at $3.8 million value for each, China’s Red Revenue stamps and the extremely rare “Small One Dollar” series are coveted by collectors around the world. The original block of four of these stamps sold for an incredible $15.2 million.
  • USA 1868 1¢ Benjamin Franklin Z Grill. This is the rarest and most valuable of all U.S. postage stamps. Notable collector William H. Gross is the owner of one of only two in existence, valued at $3 million each.
  • Sweden 1855 3sk Treskilling Yellow. Only one example is thought to exist of this 19th-century stamp. It was printed in yellow rather than the usual blue-green. Plus, quality control did not notice the error at the time. In 1996, it sold in Geneva, Switzerland, for what would equate to $3.7 million today.
  • Mauritius 1847 One and Two Penny. The Mauritius “Post Office” stamps were the first British Empire stamps produced outside of the actual British Empire. Very few examples exist, and the last pair sold on the open market for $4 million, equating to $2 million each.

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