Get Your Pins Ready! – As Disney Parks® prepare to reopen after weeks of closure due to COVID-19, SAFE Collecting Supplies open a new vista of opportunities allowing guests at Disney Parks to collect Disney Pins and place them in their latest pin books and display their pins in pin display cases.  SAFE Collecting announces this at the heel of the official announcement made by the management of Disney Parks to reopen its parks in phases. According to Disney®, Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom will reopen to guests by July 11 while EPCOT and MGM Studios are going to open for full operation by July 15, 2020.

Ever since 2000, when Disney® first made collectible pins for collecting and trading, Disney® pins have become more than a hot commodity. Coupled with the fact that guests will be able to trade their Pins with their favorite characters at Disney Parks, by collecting pins and putting them in SAFE Collecting Supplies pin display cases, each guest at Disney® stand a great chance to have an exciting and interactive Disney® experience. To ensure equal opportunity to display their Disney® Pin collection, SAFE Collecting Supplies is making the collection of pin books available to every guest visiting Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida and Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

Furthermore, as Disney® is known to parade lot of characters with endearing stories and themes, SAFE Collecting Supplies is giving guests more opportunities to collect and display their pins in their pin books. In addition, as the Disney Parks reopen from July 11 and 15, guests will be able to:

  • collect and purchase pins
  • display the pins  in pin collection display cases and pin books.
  • trade their pins with other guests for their favorites

As Disney reopens its parks to guests next month, we understand the adventure might take some time to kick in at the parks due to social distancing rule. So at SAFE Collecting Supplies, we are offering increased opportunities to each guest to collect their favorites and put them in pin display cases, giving guests chances to continue their experience when they get home,” said Kurt Braun.

Unlike the usual adventures Disney Parks are known for, collecting pins and putting them in SAFE Collecting Supplies Pin Books & Cases will give guests thrills and different experiences. Also, trading pins with other guests will create chances for guests to have meet “pin pals”.