Michel Central America 2019

NEW Edition 896 pages

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Michel Central America 2019

Hardcover Edition – Includes: Belize, British Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama (with Panama Canal Zone).

  • First time Hardcover edition issued in 4 years!
  • Editorial revision of the entire catalog
  • Areas of work: El Salvador and Panama
  • For classical and motif collectors
  • Significant price movements in many areas
  • Complement new information and editorial changes throughout the band
  • New color illustrations illustrate even more recent stamp issues
  • Over 11,500 illustrations and around 55,000 price quotations as well as philatelic maps
  • Noteworthy in the midst of the stamp flood of other collection areas: Guatemala has no new items since 2016
  • Catalogs of new issues through April 2019
  • 896 pages with built in ribbon bookmark

Date of issue: May 9, 2019 (41st Edition)

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