Michel Briefe Deutschland 2021 (Covers of Germany) Catalog

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Michel Briefe Deutschland 2020/2021 (Covers of Germany 1849-1945)-Vol 1

Valuation of Covers for Old Germany, North German Confederation, German Reich, German Local Issues 1922/23, German foreign post offices, German Colonies, German Shipmail Abroad, German Occupation Issues 1914/18, German Voting Areas, Belgian military post in the Rhineland, Eupen and Malmédy, Danzig (Free City), Memel Region, Bohemia and Moravia, Generalgouvernement, Sudetenland, German Occupation Issues 1939/45, Field Post Stamps. 1849 to 1945

  • New: Hardcover with ribbon
  • New edition after a 4-year break! – Revision of the entire reference book
  • New section on the Belgian military post in the Rhineland, Eupen and Malmédy
  • Reviewed sections in this edition include:  German ship mail abroad, occupations of the Second World War and field post stamps
  • Numerous valuation changes in many areas from old Germany to field post stamps
  • New cataloging at October 2020
  • Over 5,000 illustrations and approx. 30,000 price quotations
  • 640 pages

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