Michel Deutsches Reich Plate Flaws 1872-1945

96 Pages of just German Reich Plate Flaws!

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Michel Deutsches Reich Plate Flaws (Plattenfehler) 1872-1945 – NEW Edition

Stamps of the German Reich (1872–1945) from Mi Nr. 1 to Mi Nr. 910, for which plate defects have been recorded so far, including service and telegraph stamps as well as semi-official flight stamps based on the Michel Germany Specialized 2022 Volume 1

Currently cataloged plate flaws of the German Empire (1872-1945) from MiNr. 1 to MiNr. 910 as well as officials.

  • Compact, clear and with all the details for collectors of this special field: The MICHEL Handbook first catalogues the normal editions of the stamps, followed by the targeted cataloguing of the plate defects including detailed illustrations.
  • 36 disk errors have been discovered since the last edition and now complement the manual.
  • Numerous detailed illustrations allow easy and accurate identification of individual features – the new edition depicts even more plate defects!
  • All MICHEL price ratings updated and up to date with numerous rating changes compared to the previous edition.
  • Over 1000 illustrations and about 3000 price quotations

Release Date:  3 June 2022, 96 pages

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