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Austria Specialized including Postal Stationary

Includes from the Austrian-Hungarian Empire (1850 to 1867), the Empire of Austria (1867 to 1918), the Republic of Austria (1918 to 1938) and as of 1945, appraisals of the issues used within the German Reich and by the postal system serving the customs enclave between 1938 and 1945; stamps issued by Lombardy and Veneto; Austrian mail on Crete, in the Levant, China and the DDSG Blue Danube; issues of Bosnia and Herzegovina (1879 to 1918), Austrian-Hungarian field post; plus an extensive section featuring postal stationery.


  • Two years since last edition: Completely revised and updated!
  • Price increases especially for stamps from the time of the Austrian monarchy, especially for mixed perforations and paper variants, for the Republic of German Austria and in the postal stationery section
  • Further special features such as color, gumming and paper variants can be found in the Republic of German Austria and in the First and Second Republics
  • The stationery section with many additional texts is an editorial focus in the new edition.
  • Over 7,00 high-resolution color photos and 42,000 price quotations
  • Includes new issues up to MICHEL Rundschau 5/2021

Product information:

Edition: 41st edition, in color
Pages: 784
Format: 155 mm x 230 mm, hardcover
Release date: June 4, 2021

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