Classic 14-ring Exhibiting Pages

Create a clean, professional exhibit so the focus will be on your exhibit and not the background page. Extra heavyweight (140 lb), acid free, ph neutral, bonded cardboard pages helps create visual impact of your exhibit.   Use with SAFE/Hawid Stamp Mounts or Corner Mounts for stamp and postal history exhibits. Complete your exhibit for travel with a 14-hole punched Page Protector Sleeve or Wraparound Tab Closure Cover Protector.    Our exhibit pages come in 4 different colors:

  • Crisp Cream (Manilla Stock) is an exhibitor favorite because it provides a classic look.  (Matches SAFE-dual pages)
  • Cloud White is clean and airy and bounces the light to brighten everything.
  • Astral Grey is a neutral hue that works best to mute harsh lighting.
  • Black creates a stunning, elegant exhibit and helps brighter colors stand out more.

Capacity:  One exhibition frame holds 16 SAFE Exhibit pages. Fit approximately 70 Exhibit pages into a Classic 14-ring Album.


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