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Rock Collection Display Cases

Rock Collecting CasesRock & Mineral Display Box

Perfectly designed for Rock & Mineral Specimens of all sizes.  Geologists both pro and amateur have rock collections, most of them for a reason. No matter what type you collect, rocks have a way of accumulating unless you come up with ways to organize and display your rock collection.   We also have great gift ideas for your favorite rock collector!

SAFE Collecting Supplies will have the right storage, collection boxes and cases for any size or type of rock collection.  We have collection box options in wood, aluminum and plastic and each display serves towards a variety of implementations.  Geologists know what type of display will serve their collection best, and we will help geologists throughout the entire process to make sure they get exactly what they want as well as what they need.

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Rock Collection Display Cases

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Our selection of plastic, aluminum and wooden displays and collection boxes are durable, beautiful, high-density and impact resistant and perfect for mineral specimens.  We offer storage boxes with adjustable compartments as well as exquisite wooden drawers and cases that can be custom built.  SAFE also has a great selection of 4 peg-stands, easels, tripod stands, curved-back easels and tri-easels, for superior viewing and the ability for any geologist to add a special touch to the design, layout and presentation of their rock, mineral and gem collections.

rock collection display case

At SAFE, we offer a wide variety of tools and accessories to help both aspiring and professional geologists complete their rock collections.  We have organization drawers fit for a museum, as well as high-density plastic organizing trays perfect for rocks, minerals and gems.  These accessories bring normal collection boxes and cases to a professional level that is only seen in museums and professional-level showcases.

Some of SAFE’s collection accessories include scales and magnifying devices.  Additionally, we offer Floating 3D Flexi-Frames, creating the look that the collected item is suspended in mid-air using SAFE’s patented wrap-around silicon technology.  For geologists with fluorescent rock collections, we offer a wide variety of UV Lamps and displays. 

Your rock display box may be the most important part of organizing your rock collection—it certainly is the most visible.  Your rock display box can set the tone for an entire room in your home that you will most often share with your friends and family. So, finding the best collection box can be a challenge to accomplish this.  Display your rock collection proudly!

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