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Gifts for Rock Collectors

We have a remarkable assortment of items for your favorite Rock Collector this holiday season.
Please take a look at some of them below or go directly to our entire assortment of rock collecting supplies. With so many to choose from, you may want to simply give our Collecting Specialists a call at 877-395-SAFE and they will be happy to help you narrow it down!Acrylic Display Case for Rocks

Acrylic Rock Display Case - Made of crystal clear acrylic glass, these sleek cabinets are made to hang on your wall.  Since they are frameless and hingeless, the focus is on your collection, not the hardware. 

Regular $24.95 

Floating 3 Dimensional Frame

Floating 3 Dimensional Frame - Your Specimen almost floats in air as if by MAGIC freely in the frame! The special feature of this framework are the two transparent, flexible silicone membranes that enclose your exhibits gently and make it appear as if they would float freely within the frame.  At the same time you get a full view on the front and back of your favorite pieces. Reg $ 19.95

Aluminum Rock Display Case




Aluminum Rock Display Case - Aluminum Display Case-Show off your collecting treasures in an display case which can also be hung on the wall.  20 compartments 1-3/8" x 1-5/16" each

Regular $ 29.95 

Shortwave UV Lamp for Minerals


Ultraviolet Lamp-Shortwave - Portable shortwave UV lamp to check phospherescence on minerals such as from the famous Franklin NJ mines!

Regularly $ 62.95 


And if you really can't decide, why not give your rock collector a SAFE $50 Gift Certificate!