Mineral Display Stands – Geode Triangle Style

Perfect for Geodes – 4 Sizes to Choose from

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Mineral Display Stand – Geode Triangle Style – 4 Sizes to Choose from These Geode Triangle Style Easels are perfect to display a wide range of geodes, clusters, minerals, fossils and much more!

Tilt-back design for better display – (3rd leg of triangle is lower so item is tilted forward)

Wide base prevents tipping – Suitable for holding light or heavy objects

  • Small: 1″ High x 2″ Wide x 2-3/8″ Deep
  • Medium: 1-1/4″ High x 2-1/2″ Wide x 3-1/4″ Deep
  • Large: 1-3/4″ High x 3″ Wide x 3-3/4″ Deep
  • Extra Large: 2″ High x 3-7/8″ Wide x 4-1/2″ Deep

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