Rock Collection Box-Stackable Wood Drawer for Rocks & Fossils

They’re Stackable!

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Nova Exquisite Double Depth For Collectibles
1 × Nova Exquisite Double Depth For Collectibles

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Rock Collection Box – Nova Exquisite – Your collection deserves it!
The first and only stackable and interlocking wooden drawers (interlocking together to prevent sliding when stacked) made of solid wood offer more in every aspect:

  • Handmade solid wood with smoothly sanded edges in mahogany finish.
  • Practical advantages of the proven Nova trays, i.e. stackable and handy dimensions.
  • Royal blue velvet inserts are identical in size to the Nova drawer elements.
  • Stackable, interlocking with variable compartments.
  • Fixed center divider with half dividers (6 are supplied) which can be adjusted to suit your collection.
  • Bottom lined with blue velvet
  • Can be used with all NoVa Exquisite wooden drawers.

Size: 8-1/8 x 10-1/4 x 2-1/4″H. – (Inside depth: 1-5/16″)
Center to edge: 3-3/8″.

Also available:  No. 8570 Additional Dividers (set of 6)

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