Michel Germany Specialized 2022 – Volume 2

1,472 pages with beautiful color illustrations

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Michel Germany Specialized 2022 – Volume 2

This Hardcover Edition just released is 1,472 pages and covers the following areas:

German local editions since 1945 with official issues and private products; Joint editions, Berlin and Brandenburg, Soviet Zone; German Democratic Republic, Berlin (West), Saarland and Saarland as federal state of the FRG; French Zone, American and British Zone; FRG, offices abroad, international reply coupons

  • Completely editorially revised special knowledge on German collection areas from 1945
  • Many new peculiarities and varieties in different areas with more than 40 new plate errors for local editions, Berlin and the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Numerous rating changes in local issues, Soviet occupation zone, GDR registered stamps, French zone, Bizone and in the early years of Berlin
  • Open your eyes in the “world of letters”: With the production distribution of some issues to different printers, Germany’s most recent postage stamp series will probably become a new special collection area – the first deviation has already been cataloged.
  • Publication of the circulation figures for the special postage stamps of the Federal Republic of Germany in 2021
  • Over 10,200 color illustrations and approx. 116,700 price evaluations through April 2022

Release Date:  April 29, 2022 (52nd edition)

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