Michel CEPT 2019

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All Community editions of the CEPT or PostEurope countries, including predecessors and sympathizers / co-sponsor editions, service marks for the Council of Europe, NATO, EFTA, Scandinavian Community issues, CSCE.

  • Completely reworked and brought to the latest research by the MICHEL specialist editorial Expenditure on the collection area Europe with special information
  • Numerous price changes in all countries and territories
  • Price increases can be found among the Benelux countries, Greece, Turkey and the Scandinavian countries
  • Many other price movements, particularly pronounced in German varieties
  • Newly discovered varieties in Switzerland, Denmark, Ireland and Austria
  • Additional indications of the end of validity of earlier marks by the Netherlands, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Vatican City, Monaco and Portugal Subdivision of gutter pairs into vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Supplemental update of sheet sizes in Cyprus
  • Approximately 5700 pictures and more than 22,000 quotations

Product information:

Edition: 44th edition, in color

Pages: 560 pages

Format: 150 mm x 225 mm

Release date: December 7, 2018

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