Illuminated Stand Magnifier 8x

Handsfree 8x LED magnifier with large 1-1/2″ lens. Raised lens will not touch your stamp.

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8x Stand LED Magnifier with 1-1/2" diameter lens

Designed for use by resting the hollow magnifier head directly over top of the stamp, coin or almost anything.  This Stand Magnifier is ideally suited for hands-free viewing and reading over long periods of time.  The handle has a large, easy to see and use, ON/OFF switch.  Each stand magnifier is pre-focused at the correct focal distance, so all you need to do is place the magnifier over top of the object, and easily enjoy viewing your collection.  Includes batteries and padded protective pouch with carrying handle.

  • 1-1/2" Aspheric lens with anti-reflective superior optics
  • Hands-free for extended viewing with solid leg for stability
  • Long lasting, bright LED light for high contrast viewing
  • Large raised ON/OFF switch
  • Includes 3 AA batteries and padded carring case

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