2″ x 2″ Coin Holders – Self Adhesive – (Sizes: 15mm to 40mm)

Packs of 25 – sizes ranging from 15mm to 39.5mm

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SAFE offers many different options for Coin Storage.  But most importantly, all materials that come in direct contact with your coins are archival and safe for your coins to be stored for the long term.  Please be careful of cardboard coin holders where you staple the holders together.  It has been found that if the staples are exposed to humidity, they begin to rust and that rust will leach toward the coin in the center of the holder.  This is why we ONLY sell Self Adhesive Coin Flips as seen above.  Of course they are more expensive, but should you really take a chance of your coin being damaged?  You be the judge.

Self sealing Coin Flips 2″ x 2″ – Archival Quality – pack of 25

No More Staples that may effect your coins! 

  • Air tight seal to protect your coins
  • Convenient tab for easier handling
  • Fit in standard 20 pocket pages and cases
  • Flexible film accommodates even thicker medals and ancients
  • Made of pH-neutral cardboard and vinyl, 100% free of chemical softeners and plasticized PVC.

These archival quality, self adhesive holders made of pH-neutral cardboard and inert foil are PVC free.  A wide variety of sizes to choose from:

No. 7805 – For coins up to 15 mm (19/32″) diameter for Gold Dollars
No. 7818 – For coins up to 17.5 mm (11/16″) diameter
No. 7820 – For coins up to 20 mm (25/32″) diameter for Cents and Dimes
No. 7823 – For coins up to 22.5 mm (7/8″) diameter for Nickels
No. 7825 – For coins up to 25 mm (1″) diameter for Quarters
No. 7828 – For coins up to 27.5 mm (1-3/32″) diameter for SBA and Presidential Dollars
No. 7830 – For coins up to 30 mm (1-3/16″) diameter
No. 7833 – For coins up to 32.5 mm (1-9/32″) diameter for Half Dollars
No. 7835 – For coins up to 35 mm (1-15/32″) diameter for Gold Eagle
No. 7838 – For coins up to 37.5 mm (1-15/32″) diameter
No. 7840 – For coins up to 39.5 mm (1-9/16″) diameter for Morgan, Peace $ and Flowing Hair Dollars

Available in packs of 25 or 100

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