Stackable Coin Storage Drawer for Silver Eagles in Capsules w/12 Compartments (1-7/8″)

For Silver Eagles in Air Tight Capsules

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System: NOVA
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Nova drawers stacked upon one anotherCoin Storage Drawers for Silver Eagles in Capsules – Nova Stackable Acrylic Drawer with 12 Compartments

A contemporary, lightweight compact drawer.  Supplied with crystal clear acrylic protective cover allowing you to easily stack these drawers on top of each other as you build your collection.

For Silver Eagles in Capsules and Commemorative Medals

Each compartment is 48 mm (1-7/8″)

Tray Size: 7-11/16″ x 9-7/8″

Tray Depth: 3/8″

Great also for: American Silver Eagles US $1 in capsules , 1 US Dollars Old 1794-1839 in capsules, Various Casino Tokens & Chips Standard, 2 oz Kangaroo Gold Australia in capsules, 1/2 oz Lunar Silver Australia in capsules, 1 oz Lunar Series Australia in capsules, 1 oz Kookaburra & Silver Koala Australia in capsules, 4 Ducat Austria in capsules, 5 $ Dollar 1973-84 Barbados in capsules, 1 oz Silver Britannia in capsules, 1 oz Panda Sterling China in capsules, 1 oz Fiji Taku in capsules, 1 oz Silver Somalian Elephant in capsules, 1 oz Silver Libertad 1996-date Mexico in capsules, 100 Peso Mexico in capsules, 5 Peso Silver Mexico in capsules, 2 oz Libertad Mexico, and Various Casino Tokens, Silver Strikes & Casino Chips

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