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October 14th, 2015 – Why Philatelists Love Our Patented Hingeless Albums

October 14th, 2015 – Why Philatelists Love Our Patented Hingeless Albums

At SAFE Collecting Supplies, our SAFE-dual hingeless stamp albums have become the go-to albums of philatelists (that is, stamp collectors) around the globe. But what makes our particular product so beloved within circles of those who collect these fascinating items?


All materials are of the highest quality possible.

Not just high-quality, but attractive, too! Our heavy, cream-colored printed cardstock paper, which backs your stamps, is acid-free (pH-neutral) and of the variety generally used for most art and preservation projects. The polyester cover was carefully designed with preservation in mind, and is 100% free of chemical softening agents, plasticized PVC, and stearates, which are acidic and can damage elements of your stamp. Your stamps are guaranteed to be safe for generations to come!

The combination of heavy backing and transparent polyester cover with a secure clamping seam means you can turn the pages of your album without any concern whatsoever for creasing or other damage to your stamps. The preservative materials used also means your stamps won’t degrade in quality of ink, paper or gum.

It’s mount-free.

Mounting stamps takes time…and money!  Especially if you have an international stamp collection, where hunting down the correct-sized mount and matching it with your stamp, then actually going through the process of mounting individual stamps in an album, can be too much of a time investment for many collectors. Those with a larger collection that they may someday wish to easily reorganize, or individuals who enjoy the result but not the process, will love our easy-to-use Dual-system stamp albums.

It’s meticulous… yet time-saving.

With our design, you can easily maneuver stamps into the desired placement on the page, creating a layout that’s exactly as you imagined it. Yet unlike other methods, our SAFE Dual-system is both easy AND fast; with everything under one archival sheet of polyester material, collectors don’t need to individually mount each stamp for easy, double-sided viewing.


Each of our 14-ring Classic stamp albums can hold approximately 50 dual-sided pages, though, of course, you are able to purchase countless albums to accommodate your collection! We carry dozens of country pages for your convenience, and to match up with your personal needs. While you’re browsing, be sure to check out our collection of other stamp collecting supplies, which includes everything from ultraviolet lamps and stamp tongs to magnifiers, labels and watermark detectors.